About Us

We Approve Engineering is a Service mind  company. Established in 2002 as distribution
company of premium quality industrial products. We also provide customers with value-added
integrated technical support, the highest quality products and excellent service every time.
We have experienced in CNG,Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Chemical, Refinery,
Exploration off shore, pulp & paper etc for over 20 years with worldwide well-known products i.e.
Swagelok, Enduro, Parker etc. We are strong service and technical support for our customer.


Approve Engineering Goals

- To exceed our customers expectations in the value-added, the highest quality products and excellent services.
- To help our customer as partnership for minimize customer cost.


Approve Engineering Mission and Focus

- To continuous improve customer service, performance, efficiency and competitiveness.
- To maintaining the highest standard of trusty, integrity and honesty.
- To developing and motivated employees for teamwork and knowledge.
- To take responsibility for promise customer in highest quality products and on time delivery.
- To take responsibility for social.
- To take training technical of products for ous customers.